The success of The Jeremy Dentel Emergency Medical Fund two years after it’s inception

Otis was surrendered to Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh for  having “too much energy and not enough time.” Otis’ love for life and his excessive energy ultimately became his curse. Otis had developed a severe right medial patella luxation, which is incredibly painful and leads to early arthritis.

“When he came to us, there was already a lot of muscle loss in that limb. Our medical team began to treat Otis in an effort to manage his pain,” said Dr. Ariella Samson, chief veterinarian, “Unfortunately this was not a long term solution.”

Due to his size and high activity level, the team here at HARP attempted to avoid amputation which would cause quite a bit of strain to his left leg. With this goal in mind, Otis was then sent to Ebensburg for a patella repair, which even with significant sedation, the repair unfortunately failed, twice.

In August of 2022, Otis unfortunately had to undergo the amputation of one of his back legs, but after making a wonderful recovery, we’re happy to report that our man Otis has been safe and happy in his new home since November of 2022.

Otis is a great example of the incredible amount of medical work done by HARP with the contributions from The Jeremy Dentel Emergency Medical Fund. Jeremy Dentel was a devoted animal advocate, lover, and owner and could often be found laying on the couch with his cats and adopted dog.

Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh is proud to provide the care animals need and the love they deserve with the help of our volunteers, donors and committed staff.

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