We are Happy to Provide Low-Cost Options

  • A microchip is an electronic permanent form of identification that is implanted under the pet’s skin in between the shoulder blades. The chip itself is smaller than a grain of rice.
  • We use Datamar Microchips: Datamar microchips are ISO standard microchips meaning they follow global guidelines for microchipping and can be used outside of the U.S
  • All pets adopted from Humane Animal Rescue are microchipped and come with free lifetime registration.
  • Microchipping is available at our East Side Veterinary Medical Center by appointment only.
  • The cost of Microchipping at our clinics is $30.00.

Protect Your Best Friend

Microchipping is the best way to protect your pet should they ever go missing. In fact, microchips help us to reunite a countless number of pets with their families every year – but only if the registered information is kept up to date & the chip is functioning properly!


Make a Difference!

Your gift today will help save an animal’s life. We rely on donations from friends like you to rescue, shelter, and find homes for pets. Please be as generous as you can to help us give them the care they need and the love they deserve.


Care They Need.
Love They Deserve.


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