Volunteer Positions – Cat

Cat Cuddling |11am – 1pm, 1:30pm – 3:30pm, or 4pm – 6pm | Daily

This is exactly what it sounds like! Volunteers spend time socializing with our cats, engaging with them in essential play time, enrichment time, and sometimes even working training protocols! All volunteers are trained in recognizing cat body language, basic handling, and HARP-specific procedures.

Cat Care | 9am – 11am (North) | 7am – 9am (East) | Daily 

Cat Care volunteers assist our Animal Care department with routine cleaning of kennels and monitoring our cats for any basic needs that may arise. Duties include replacing blankets and towels, cleaning out litter boxes, swapping old toys for new ones, and recording basic health information. All volunteers are trained in recognizing cat body language and in HARP-specific cleaning protocols. 

Please email volunteer@humaneanimalrescue.org to get started!