Who We Are

Our humanity emboldens our compassion toward all living creatures.

Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh (HARP) is one of Pennsylvania’s largest non-profit organizations dedicated to the welfare of animals, pet owners and the community. HARP operates two low-cost, high quality veterinary medical centers. In an average year, over 6,500 animals are treated and more than 7,000 spay and neuter surgeries are performed in these facilities. In addition to caring for domestic animals, the organization remains committed to indigenous species. The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is a fully licensed wildlife facility that specializes in caring for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. Annually more than 4,000 injured wildlife of over 100 unique species are admitted and treated by the Center. Among them are more than 2,300 mammals, 1,700 birds and over 50 reptiles.

Our Vision

The end of animal abuse, suffering, and homelessness.

Our Mission

Caring for animals, inspiring communities.

Our Values

We are:

  • Accessible: As one of the largest animal resource centers in Pennsylvania, we strive to accept all animals and offer services to everyone within our communities.
  • Ethical: We challenge ourselves to be ethical in all encounters with animals and people, and to apply strong moral principles to everything we do. We will treat all animals and people equitably, honestly, and with compassion and respect for all.
  • Innovative: We will continuously improve upon the services we provide, as well as incorporate new ideas and strategies into our practices with the ever-present vision of ending animal abuse, suffering, and homelessness.
  • Inclusive: We commit to diversity and inclusion in our staff, volunteers, and customers. We strive for full participation in policy formation and decision making.


Make a Difference!

Your gift today will help save an animal’s life. We rely on donations from friends like you to rescue, shelter, and find homes for pets. Please be as generous as you can to help us give them the care they need and the love they deserve.


Care They Need.
Love They Deserve.


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