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Our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center cares for injured, orphaned, and ill native Pennsylvania wildlife.

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HARP operates two low-cost outpatient veterinary medical centers for domestic dogs and cats.

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At HARP, we believe firmly that engagement with our community is critical to saving lives.

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Here at HARP we are committed to engaging the public and fostering a more humane community.

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“A Perfect Fit”

“Petunia is an absolutely PERFECT fit for us, and has completed our family in a way I never thought possible. She is the sweetest, silliest, most playful dog I’ve ever met, and made herself right at home here from day one. She has two canine siblings: Shaggy, a slightly cantankerous senior pit mix, and Ruthie (formerly Natalia, HARP class of 2020️) who is sweet but shy and has spent the last year learning how to “dog” after what I imagine was a tough life before she found her way to you wonderful people. Petunia has been AMAZING with both… Shaggy has been playing like a puppy since she moved in, and Ruthie has come out of her shell so much in just the last week and a half that she is almost a different dog! The three of them spend their days having rowdy playtime in their fenced-in yard, napping on the couch in a big dog pile, and taking long walks in the woods. Petunia has also enjoyed some play dates with her cousin Cash, a black lab puppy who plays as hard as she does and keeps her on her toes. Petunia loves snuggles, snacks, going for runs with my wife, and her stuffed duck. She has been so very happy here, and has made us equally happy in such a short time. We want to thank her foster mom, and all of you at HARP for taking in this sweet girl and for giving us the honor of being her family.

-Petunia’s Parents

Our Mission

Caring for animals,
inspiring Communities

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Our Mission

Caring for animals,
inspiring Communities

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