Our Staff


Dan Rossi
Chief Executive Officer
ext. 220


Meagan Montmeny, MS, CPDT-KA
Chief Operations Officer
ext. 292


Dr. Ariella Samson
Chief Veterinary Officer
ext. 249


Megan Marrangoni
Chief Financial Officer
ext. 212


Michele Frennier
Director of Marketing
ext. 204


Cathy Oskin
Director of Development
ext. 226


Sarah Shively
Director of Shelter Programs
ext. 237

Additional Staff Members

Board Leadership

  • Gerald Delon, Board President
  • David A. Grubman, Past President
  • Martin D. Connelly
  • David L. DeNinno
  • Cheri Gmiter
  • Shelby Holloway
  • Anthony Pardo
  • Daniel Potetz

Board Members

  • Arthur Bruni
  • Joseph Burgunder
  • Julie Coletti
  • Melanie Crockard
  • Dan Delisio
  • Dorin Dickerson
  • Ashley Dougherty
  • Reena Ganju
  • Kim Holmberg
  • Jason Hoover
  • Elizabeth Hughes
  • Mark Kempic
  • Kathryn Kukla
  • Laura Long
  • Christine Robinette
  • Barbara K. Ross
  • Anthony Schatzel
  • Clay Saftner
  • Morton D. Stanfield, Jr.
  • Jennifer Susco
  • Denny Terzich
  • ‎Becky Torbin

2021 Advisory Board Members

  • Paul Block, Co-Chair
  • Doug Price, Co-Chair
  • Pamela Bena
  • Bev Elliott
  • Susan Gitomer
  • Rita Gregory
  • Joy Hardy
  • Michelle Heck
  • Duane Holloway
  • Carolyn Kozlowski
  • Tim McVay
  • John Oliverio
  • Elliott Oshry
  • Eric J. Perelman
  • Todd Reidbord
  • Jason Richey
  • Barbara Shapira
  • Jane Voros
  • Nancy Watson
  • Sally Wiggin

Junior Advisory Council – Current Members

  • Melissa Evans
  • Dr. Julia Morley
  • Elizabeth Conway
  • Taylor Davis
  • Joanie Hilton Hayek
  • Emma Leonelli
  • Christen Malone
  • Dr. Julia Morley
  • Samantha Nielsen
  • Robert Trinkle
  • Kelly Wummer
  • Jessica Yaukey


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