Preventative care is the best care! As you and your pet(s) start spending more time outdoors, it’s the best time to make sure you’re protecting them as best you can!

Internal & External Parasites

Our veterinarians recommend heartworm and flea/tick prevention year-round, but also suggest that it is even more important to be vigilant during the summer months. Pests like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are more prevalent in warm weather and carry diseases like heartworm, tapeworm, and even Lyme disease.

You can decrease the risk for your pet(s) with medications like Heartgard and Nexgard, and lifestyle vaccines for Lyme and Leptospirosis. If your canine friend is extra outdoorsy, our veterinarians may suggest adding the vaccine for Leptospirosis, a disease that can cause liver and kidney failure that your dog(s) can pick up while hiking.

Book an appointment to talk to our veterinarians about the right preventative for your pet(s). Preventative medications are available for purchase at our Veterinary Medical Centers or via our Online Pharmacy.

Vaccinations & Boarding Facilities

Summertime often means vacation, but do you have plans for your pet(s) while you’re away? Pet boarding facilities require your feline and canine friends to be up to date on their core vaccinations (Rabies, DHPP, and FVRCP). Now is a perfect time to get those updated so you don’t have any other worries while getting ready for your vacation! Dogs require additional vaccines such as Bordetella and Canine influenza in order to be kenneled as to protect them from the spread of Upper Respiratory Disease. Additionally, many boarding facilities require a negative fecal examination prior to your boarding appointment.

Even if you’re not heading out of town, our veterinarians recommend keeping your pet(s) core vaccinations up to date, as well as including respiratory vaccines, if you and your dog(s) frequent dog parks during the summer.

Book an appointment at our Veterinary Medical Center, stop by during our Walk-In Vaccine Hours, or take advantage of one our Low Cost Vaccine Clinics.

Fourth of July & Fireworks

Firework can be really scary for your pet(s), so if your furry friend(s) exhibit noise anxiety, now is the time to visit your veterinarian. There are a number of coping mechanisms that may help your pet(s) during these anxiety-inducing times. In general, we recommend identifying a safe place that your pet can get away from the noise and excitement. Although we know it is tempting to take your pet(s) to outdoor events, we do not recommend taking any pet to events that have fireworks or similar shows with loud noises. Even the calmest of pets can be spooked and run off! If necessary, veterinarians may prescribe anti-anxiety medications to take the edge off their panic and allow them to have comfort while you enjoy the holidays.

Lost Pets & Microchipping

Did you know the number of lost pets increases by 30% on July 4th and 5th?!

A registered microchip and up-to-date tags are the best way to ensure that your pet(s) returns to you if they get lost. Our veterinarians recommend that all pets be microchipped, including indoor cats. Microchips can be scanned and traced back to you in the event that your dog or cat is separated from you.

If you have any further questions regarding veterinary care for your pet(s), contact our Veterinary Medical Centers today!


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