Your generosity today creates a better world tomorrow for animals like Opossum and Raccoon. When these puppies were found abandoned in a dumpster earlier this year, it was support from people like you that gave them medical care and a safe place to recover.

Thanks to your generosity, both sisters were adopted into loving homes to lead healthy, happy lives. You can help us create more “happily ever afters” like these. Join Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh in our goal to raise $100,000 this #GivingTuesday to provide shelter, medical treatment, and loving care to homeless pets and wildlife in need.

With just a few clicks, you can set up a fundraiser at GiveBigPittsburgh! By sharing the link with your friends and family, word will spread, and we can reach this goal together!

How to start a fundraiser:

  1. Click the “Fundraiser” Button on our GiveBigPittsburgh profile
  2. Fill the Form to Set Your Fundraising Goal
  3. Share Your Fundraiser!

Stay tuned throughout the day today for Matching Gifts! Thanks to the generosity of anonymous donors, you can double your donation when you donate through our GiveBigPittsburgh profile, up to a grand total of $25,000!

Animals in need are counting on you.