The success of The Jeremy Dentel Emergency Medical Fund a year after it’s inception

On Dec. 3, 2020, Figgy was transferred to Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh by one of our local partners after a police officer brought her in after witnessing her being struck by a car. Figgy’s pelvis was fractured in multiple places, she was bleeding internally and she had horrible skin and ear infections. Along with arthritis in both her hips and spine. Her coat was dirty and unkempt, she was underweight, and she was in incredible pain. She also had elevated liver and kidney values, that revealed she was in the early stages of kidney failure.

This sweet girl had clearly lead a tough life, and was now looking to overcome an uphill battle of healing her multiple injuries and infections. After starting multiple pain medications, antibiotics and ear meds, our phenomenal foster team started the search for someone willing to take in a 101lb mastiff, that required cage rest, no stairs, and sling assistance to help her go outside.

After a little over 2 months of care, multiple medications, rounds of bloodwork and radiographs and getting spayed, Figgy was soon after adopted by her new family, including a loving pittie sibling.

Figgy is a great example of the incredible amount of medical work done by HARP with the contributions from The Jeremy Dentel Emergency Medical Fund after a year since it’s inception. Jeremy Dentel was a devoted animal advocate, lover, and owner and could often be found laying on the couch with his cats and adopted dog.

Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh is proud to provide the care animals need and the love they deserve with the help of our volunteers, donors and committed staff.

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