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Do you own a barn, a winery, a brewery? How about a warehouse or a hardware store? Or even a greenhouse? Do you have mice and rodents running rampant and need to find a way to control them? Do you love cats and want to help save lives? Well, then, do we have a program for you!

Humane Animal Rescue is proud to announce their Working Cat Program to place some of our cats that want to be more than just everyday house cats. These cats, known as community cats, may not be as socialized as pet cats in a home. These cats may not be able to return to their original habitats because of threats from nearby people, local ordinances, or unfit living areas. Our program gives them another chance to live out their lives in the best way they can.

These cats work for cheap and are eco-friendly, too! No need for those toxic pollutants to help control your rodent issue; the cats will take care of it lickety-split. Your new employees only ask for food, water, a litter box, and shelter as payment. You may even receive a little love as a bonus!

Even better, their adoption fee at the shelter is FREE! The only stipulation is that working cats must be adopted in pairs as they seem to do better in a new area when they are with another cat. There is a recommended 2-3 week relocation enclosure time period during which the cats stay in a large crate with food, water, and a litter box inside your business close to where they will spend most of their time. This introductory period is highly recommended as studies have shown that it helps the cats make a home in your location by not feeling so afraid or so willing to run away. This time allows the cats to learn all the smells, sounds and sights in their new area; as well get to know you, their new employer.

Your cats will be vaccinated and microchipped before adoption and will be ear-tipped, the universal sign that a cat has been spayed or neutered. As an added bonus, we will even deliver the cats to you if your business is located within a 25 mile radius of one of our two campuses, or we can arrange for you to pick them up at the shelter. We will provide you with a crate, some food, and any and all tips, tricks, and as much advice as we can to make your working cat pair’s introduction as smooth as possible!

Community cats are not a new phenomenon in our world, but helping them is. All across the planet, people are beginning to employ working cats and assist in TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) programs. We are all working to decrease the cat population in a healthy and humane manner. This is just one more way that we are working towards the worldwide goal to help save more kitty lives!

If you are interested in a working cat or know someone who would be, or if you just want more information, please contact us at communitycats@humaneanimalrescue.org or by phone at 412-345-7300 x209.


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