With Easter right around the corner, it’s hard to resist the cute, fluffy charms of an Easter rabbit. Rabbits are loving pets with big personalities. They can be trained to use litter boxes, learn a variety of tricks as well as their own name. Rabbits are playful and inquisitive animals that make wonderful companions, but for all of their great qualities, they are high maintenance pets that require lots of time and money. If you’re considering opening your home to a rabbit, but aren’t sure if it’s the right fit, take look at the care rabbits need below!

1. Rabbits live 8 to 12 years, some even longer!

  • With proper care, your rabbit will live about as long as a house cat. It’s a big commitment!

2. Rabbits require a lot of space, pet store cages are too small!

  • Pet stores will often sell cages that are too small for rabbits. Rabbits housed in these cages will often develop behavioral issues and bite.
  • Use a large pen or create a safe, rabbit-proofed room in your house for a happy, health bunny!

3. Rabbits have a specialized diet.

  • The majority of a rabbit’s diet is hay. This helps keep their teeth and stomach in tip top condition!
  • Depending on your rabbit’s age, you’ll need different types of hay to feed them! Consult your vet or a shelter expert for more information.

4. Rabbits poop up to three hundred times a day!

  • While it’s easy to clean up and makes a great fertilizer, be prepared for lots of poop! Don’t worry, most rabbits can be litter box trained after they have been fixed!

5. Rabbits should not be housed outside!

  • Outdoor rabbit hutches are quaint, but out of date! Between predators, parasites, bad weather, temperature fluctuations and loneliness, rabbits do better when housed inside with people!

6. Rabbits have teeth that never stop growing!

  • While rabbits should be housed inside, you’ll need to properly rabbit-proof your house to make sure your rabbit isn’t nibbling on anything bad.
  • Many rabbits like to chew on wires, shoes, wooden furniture and carpet! Before letting your rabbit loose, take the time to secure anything you don’t want teeth marks on!

7. Rabbits need a special vet.

  • Rabbits are considered exotic pets and need an exotic vet to see them.
  • They should have a yearly check up but can need more care depending on their situation.
  • Rabbit vet visits are expensive! Be prepared by getting the proper insurance to help with costly vet bills.

8. Rabbits are social animals.

  • Rabbits usually live in groups and prefer to spend time around people or other rabbits. It’s often advised to adopt a bonded pair or introduce two rabbits together so they won’t be lonely, especially if you work long hours.
  • Bonding rabbits takes time, usually a couple of months, but with enough space and patience, rabbits form lifelong friendships.
  • Be sure that the rabbits are fixed before introducing them! Talk with your vet or a shelter expert for more information.

9. Rabbits do not do well with young children.

  • While rabbits are loving companions, and each one has their own unique personality, the majority do not do well with young children.
  • Most rabbits do not like to be picked up or handled and prefer people to sit or lie down next to them and allow them to approach.
  • Rabbits do not like loud or hectic environments and will resort to hiding, scratching or even nipping if cornered.
  • Speak to your children about how to politely interact with rabbits or consult your vet or shelter expert for more information.

10. Rabbits are high maintenance pets!

  • The average monthly cost for a single rabbit is $75, and a yearly cost is anywhere from $600 to $1,000!
  • Between their diet, vet care and other necessities, rabbits are very expensive pets to keep.

If this sounds like it’s not the best fit for you or your family, choose chocolate instead!

Still interested in a rabbit? Bun-derful! Come to our shelter and meet our available rabbits. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to our foster and volunteer department to learn more about rabbit care!

Thank you for loving animals, especially rabbits! Hoppy Spring!