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Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh


Camp Rescue 2022

Calling all campers! Camp Rescue is back this summer at Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh! Join us for camp in-person at our Wildlife Center or Domestic Shelter to meet animal ambassadors, learn about fun topics, and have a truly wild time. All camps include age-specific hands-on activities, themed-lessons, animal guests, games, and more!

Junior Rehabber Corps: Animal Husbandry Focus

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center 6000 Verona Road, Verona, PA

JRC: Animal Husbandry Focus is a hands-on opportunity that focuses on the work that goes into a career working with or caring for animals. This experience explores topics such as enclosure design, animal needs, training, diet prep, and other aspects that go into an animal care occupation, like at a sanctuary, zoological setting, or right here at our wildlife rehabilitation clinic! Students will even have the chance to design an enrichment project for an animal.

Junior Rehabber Corps: Wildlife & Conservation Focus

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center 6000 Verona Road, Verona, PA

JRC: Wildlife & Conservation Focus takes an in-depth look at our native PA wildlife, how we help that wildlife at our rehabilitation center, and careers in conservation around the world. Students will gain the tools to help them make a difference in their community and grow as environmental stewards and animal advocates.