You may have heard that black cats are unlucky, but here at HARP, we sure think otherwise! Despite the common myth that black cats are adopted less often than cats of different coats, black cats actually experience similar rates of adoption and lengths of shelter stay to other dark-colored cats, such as brown tabby or gray cats.

So what makes black cats so special? They’re actually the most common cat color found in shelters like HARP!

According to ASPCA Vice President Dr. Emily Weiss, black cats make up around one third (33%) of cats admitted into shelter and rescue facilities nationwide. This is because, simply put, there’s a lot of black cats! Black cats get their inky color from a pigment called eumelanin, and the gene that creates that color is dominant over gene combinations that would create lighter coats. As a result, their beautiful black fur is more likely to be passed down than other colors.

Right now, HARP has many black cats available for adoption. Though they share a gorgeous hue, each one is wonderfully unique. We invite you to learn more about these purr-fect felines, in case your family may be the one they’re looking for! Click on the photos below to learn more about each cat.