This week, 30 Angora rabbits arrived at Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh’s East End shelter. Because their owner was unable to care for them, they were surrendered to HARP’s humane officer to find new homes. Upon their arrival at the shelter, the rabbits were evaluated by our medical teams and were found to be in overall good condition, though many will require shaving due to mats in their hair.

Unlike most rabbits, Angoras have silky hair that grows continuously instead of shedding, so they require daily grooming to remain healthy, comfortable, and tangle free.

Above: some of the rabbits being prepared for transport to HARP’s East End shelter, before being placed in proper individual enclosures.

In the coming days, the surrendered rabbits will have their grooming needs tended to, and will also be given needed vaccinations, spayed or neutered, and microchipped, so that they can be made available for adoption. 

While we are excited to offer these sweet bunnies for adoption, we encourage any potential adopters to be aware of the particular needs of Angora rabbits, who require both generously sized enclosures and daily individual care due to their special coats and large size.

Above: HARP’s humane officer and animal care specialists oversee the rabbits’ arrival and care.

While in the shelter, these rabbits will require daily specialized care. If you would like to contribute to the care of these new arrivals, we are in need of items like large dog crates, unopened hay, rabbit safe litter and grooming supplies.

Donations may be dropped off at either shelter location or by donating items from our wish list, essential supplies can be sent directly to our shelters. Monetary contributions from our website support the daily care and rehabilitation of animals in need.