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Humane Animal Rescue has built its legacy in our community for over 100 years. Through our work in humane education awareness, sheltering homeless companion and wild animals, and providing affordable food and medical care for the pets that may otherwise go without, Humane Animal Rescue has helped millions of animals. When you leave Humane Animal Rescue in your estate plan, you become part of that legacy and a fundamental part of our future success.

Speak with your attorney about what would be the best way for you personally to help Humane Animal Rescue Some options include:

  • Designating a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate.
  • Naming Humane Animal Rescue as a primary or partial beneficiary of an insurance policy.
  • Naming Humane Animal Rescue as the primary or secondary beneficiary of your IRA or 401(k).

Not all families are in a position to take on the care of a pet after a loved one passes away. Leaving your best friend (or friends) to Humane Animal Rescue provides the opportunity for them to be rehomed where they can be treated as beloved companions. When speaking with your legal counsel about adding this into your estate planning we recommend language along these lines:

I give my [cat, dog, etc.], and any other animals, which I may own at the time of my death, to Humane Animal Rescue or surviving agency (EIN 25-0325750). If my [cat, dog, etc.], passes a temperament test and is not suffering from a terminal illness, I request Humane Animal Rescue staff, volunteers and/or fosters seek to rehome them in the best possible home where they will be treated as beloved companion animals.

I direct my Executor to give [$_] from my estate to Humane Animal Rescue upon their placement into their new home or other outcome based on temperament or health.

Please let us know when you decide to include Humane Animal Rescue in your estate planning, and please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have by contacting our Development staff at:

Cathy Oskin: or 412-345-0344

Martha Banwell: or 412-345-7300 x291


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Your gift today will help save an animal’s life. We rely on donations from friends like you to rescue, shelter, and find homes for pets. Please be as generous as you can to help us give them the care they need and the love they deserve.

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