You have the power to save lives every day.

Join HARP 365 Monthly Donor Program to support our mission!

As a monthly donor, you provide critical funding to continue life-changing programs and services that benefit pets, people, and wildlife across our region. Your monthly gift of:

  • $10 provides food and care for an injured songbird at our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.
  • $25 supplies vaccinations for five cats.
  • $50 helps cover the cost of spay and neuter surgeries for four dogs.
  • $100 provides emergency medical care for an injured or sick animal.

Where It’s Needed Most

Join us in creating a lasting impact on the lives of animals in need. Your donation to “Where It’s Needed Most” ensures that we can continue to adapt and innovate, making a meaningful difference in the journey toward a brighter future for every furry companion under our care.

Provide Daily Care to Homeless Pets

Every pet in our care receives the love and attention they deserve, fostering a positive and enriching atmosphere. By supporting daily care, you’re playing a crucial role in creating a supportive environment that enhances their chances of finding loving families. Join us in making a lasting impact on the lives of these homeless pets – your donation provides the daily care that transforms their journey to a brighter future.

Jeremy Dentel Emergency Medical Fund

The medical costs of treating and rehabilitating an animal in need can become staggering. The Jeremy Dentel Emergency Medical Fund helps underwrite the cost of care for animals recovering from abuse, neglect, or injuries suffered from a traumatic event.

Jeremy was tragically taken too soon on February 16, 2020. The Jeremy Dentel Emergency Medical Fund celebrates his life, his compassion, and his deep love of animals.

Aid in Injured Wildlife

When you donate to this cause, you directly contribute to the medical treatment, nourishment, and overall well-being of animals who have suffered injuries in our community. Your generous donation helps cover veterinary expenses, medications, and specialized care needed for the recovery of these animals. your support ensures that they receive the attention and resources required for a second chance at life in their natural habitat.