Have an animal nesting or using a space that you would prefer they did not? Humane Harassment is a process used to disturb an animal to such an extent that it decides to leave its den and move on. These techniques are used to spare the life of the animal and avoid needless trapping. When it comes to opossums try these tips.


Opossums are nomadic, and leave on their own. No need to do anything. You can seal area using an L-shaped barrier design, but make sure area is clear so as not to entrap animal.


Chili powder is a nontoxic irritant that affects all mammals and when used regularly will deter. Sprinkle chili powder anywhere wild animals are frequenting or wherever animals are digging. Vinegar is also offensive. Place vinegar soaked rags or spray directly onto areas wildlife finds attractive. Reapply daily for best results.


To discourage animals, mix kitchen garbage with soil or wood ashes before burying it in the hot center of your compost pile. Do not put any food scraps in open compost piles, but if you must, bury them under at least eight inches of soil and then place a wire mesh barrier over the top held in place with a heavy object or two.

Putting your compost pile in a pest-proof container is another way to prevent tampering. Compost bins with wire tops or sealed lids work well too.

If you have additional questions or concerns please call our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at 412-345-7300 ext. 500.