Did You Know?

  • Hibernation Maestros: Groundhogs are true hibernators, strategically fattening up in warmer months and retreating to cozy dens for winter. They skillfully lower their body temperature and metabolism for a deep hibernation experience.
  • Feasting Feat: During the warmer months, these creatures are unstoppable eaters, consuming over a pound of vegetation in a single sitting. Picture a 150-pound human devouring a colossal 15-pound steak in one go!
  • Springtime Romantics: Mating season arrives in early Spring, and momma groundhogs typically welcome 2 to 6 chucklings in one litter. After a patient three months, the young woodchucks become independent, diligently accumulating fat for the upcoming hibernation.
  • Ecosystem MVPs: Groundhogs play a crucial role in the ecosystem. Their burrowing not only provides shelter for themselves but also aerates the soil. Additionally, their excrement enhances the nutrient quality of the soil, benefiting not just us but other members of the animal kingdom like rabbits and foxes who utilize their burrows for shelter.

Groundhog case number: 23-3804

We currently have a Groundhog at our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center! On December 9, 2023, a resilient groundhog faced severe challenges at HARP’s Wildlife Rehab Clinic – mange, infections, emaciation, and a delicate foot fracture. Despite it all, our dedicated team orchestrated a remarkable recovery. Now, on a path to regaining strength, the groundhog’s journey involves steady weight gain and the lush regrowth of protective fur.
For 55 days, our clinic provided crucial support, ensuring a full recovery. While our valiant patient remains under watch until warmer weather, Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow-free prediction hints at an early spring. Let’s celebrate the resilience of our groundhog and embrace the promise of a brighter season ahead!