July 21 is a special day for your local animal shelters. It is National Craft for Your Shelter Day. It is when our wonderful followers (YOU!) can craft items for our animals here at HARP that are awaiting their fur-ever homes! This is a holiday to recognize that we can donate to our local shelters with acts of love and kindness. Here are a few fun ideas to create and drop off at your shelter!
  1. “Adopt Me” Bandanas
  2. Fleece Tug Toys and blankets
  3. Rabbit Digging Box
  4. No-Sew Tshirt Bed
  5. Homemade Cat Toys
  6. DIY Cat Wand Toy
  7. Catnip Pillows
  8. Birdcage Toys
  9. Cardboard Tube Tunnels
  10. A nice handcrafted note for our animals can brighten their day! You can check out all of our adoptable animals here. They would all be grateful to receive a note or a drawing for their shelter stalls!

Still feeling stuck? Down below are some awesome YouTube tutorials on easy DIY crafts for all sorts of animals! Scroll through to get inspired!

GET CREATIVE and don’t forget to share photos of your crafts with us!

Send your photos to submit@humaneanimalrescue.org and you may see them on our website! The animals at the shelter will appreciate any gifts made just for them. Please put your donation on the cart at the East Side location and ring the front doorbell. This alerts the staff to a new donation. Thank you to all who participate, and remember to HAVE FUN!