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If you can’t afford to feed your pet and need assistance, Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh may be able to help. Ellie’s Pet Pantry helps individual pet owners who need temporary relief in the form of food for their companion animals. Please reach out to our support team to learn more, get help, or to sign up for the next food pickup. 412.345.7300 x290

To qualify, you must be at least 18 years of age, your pets must be spayed/neutered (we can help with this! Ask about free spay/neuter programs.), your pets are kept inside of the home, and must be maintained in healthy living conditions.

How it Works:

  • To apply for assistance, fill out this application before your first food pickup: Apply Here
  • Put the last Wednesday of the month on your calendar! (*Dates subject to change based on resource/staff availability and major holidays.)
  • Call us at 412.345.7300 x290 with any questions
  • Pick up food at your assigned time and location
  • We are generally unable to provide food outside the monthly pickup times, so it’s important to be there at your assigned time. Otherwise, you may have to wait until the following month.

The Fine Print:

You are not permitted to adopt from the shelter or obtain a pet from another source while receiving assistance from Ellie’s Pet Pantry. Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh has the right to terminate assistance if you obtain another pet at any time.

Ellie’s food and supplies are donated and may not be the current brand or type you are feeding your pets. While we try to accommodate special requests, it may not always be possible. Please note: a change in your pet’s food may cause intestinal discomfort for your pet.

You may not resell, distribute, or attempt to return to a store for cash any of the items received from Ellie’s Pet Pantry.

Any violations of any of the above eligibility requirements may result in Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh terminating assistance immediately and without notice.

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