Photo of Mewlius Caesar

Mewlius Caesar

Domestic Shorthair
10 years 3 months
7.72 lbs
Location: In Foster
ID: PGH-A-104178

We welcome you, Mewlius Caesar. Mewlius Caesar is not just your average cat; he is a purrveyor of love and joy, ready to conquer your heart with his irresistible charm. But Mewlius isn't just about lounging on his throne of pillows; he's an adventurous spirit with a penchant for exploration. Whether he's surveying his kingdom from the highest vantage point or engaging in playful banter with his loyal subjects (that's you!), Mewlius knows how to make every moment count. As a hospice adoption, Mewlius Caesar understands the importance of companionship during life's final chapters. He seeks a kingdom where he can spend his golden years surrounded by love and tenderness, bringing joy and comfort to those who cherish him most. Come meet Mewlius Caesar today!

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