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Featured Programs

Join Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh’s Education Department for some fun and engaging learning opportunities, all virtual! While our summer camps cannot be in-person this summer, we have learned a few tricks to be able to bring the learning to you!

Each week of camp has virtual lessons and a camp kit that can be mailed directly to you! You can register for Camp Lessons, Camp in a Box, or both! Virtual lessons are held via Zoom for 1 hour each day from 9:00AM to 10:00AM for the 5 days of camp.

Meet a live wild animal that is native to PA and learn all about its natural history! What adaptations help it to survive in its habitat? Meet one of our education ambassadors and learn about why they cannot be released into the wild. These programs last 30-45 minutes and include two animal guests.

Program Fee: $50

Does your child have to celebrate their birthday at home this year? Let us help! Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh is offering a virtual birthday party package to bring the paw-ty to you during this time. Party includes:

  • A virtual visit with an animal guest for you and up to 15 “party guests” lasting about 30 minutes. Animal guest options include: cat, dog, rabbit, chinchilla, leucistic rat snake, ball python, bearded dragon, rat, tortoise or any of our Wildlife Ambassadors. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with an Educator.
  • A special gift mailed to the birthday child. Gift includes, but is not limited to an animal-themed drawstring bag, color changing paw print pencil, paw print notepad, paw print keychain, paw print tattoo, logoed Frisbee or sunglasses, and more!
  • A list of animal-friendly craft projects. This will be sent via email, and it is fun for the whole family to complete at home. This includes a downloadable coloring page too!

Contact us HERE to register. Parties are hosted via Zoom, so access to an internet connection via a phone, tablet, or laptop is required. We will send you the party link, and you can share the meeting invite with up to 15 friends.

Program cost: $75

Take a tour of our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center from the comfort of your own home! See where we care for the thousands of patients that come through our doors each year. Tours will last around 40 minutes and will end with a Q&A session led by an Educator.

Program cost: $10 per group

Virtual Pets Badge, Brownie Girl Scouts

Program Cost: $75/troop

Do you know a group of Girl Scouts who are looking to earn their Pets badge? Join us for a fun virtual lesson all about Pets! Brownies will get a unique experience while learning all about how to keep pets happy and healthy. The class includes virtual activities and lessons to complete all of the requirements of the Brownie “Pets” badge. Scouts will even get a chance to meet a few animal guests! Brownies will also receive an emailed list of projects they can make for animals at home! This class lasts about 1 hour and is suggested for Brownie aged girls (7-10 years old). Request a program HERE.

Virtual Outdoor Art Creator Badge, Brownie Girl Scouts

Program Cost: $75/troop

Do you know a group of Girl Scouts who are looking for something fun and creative to do? Join us for a virtual program to get inspired, have fun, and earn the Outdoor Art Creator Badge! Brownies will get a unique opportunity to learn about designs in nature, and learn how to make art using the outdoors. They will even meet an animal guest in the process! Brownie Scouts will also receive an emailed list of supplies they can use to help make their art at home! This class lasts about 1 hour in length and is suggested for Brownie Scout-aged girls (ages 7-10). Request a program HERE.

We will be hosting the virtual visit with an animal via Zoom, so access to an internet connection via a phone, tablet, or laptop is required. Note: when registering online, enter the primary troop contact person as the participant.

Regular Programs

These programs are offered virtually via Zoom. They last about 60 minutes, and include a powerpoint presentation and a virtual visit with two different animal guests.

Do you know the three things every person should have before adopting a pet? Do you want to learn what it takes to own and care for a companion animal? This class will introduce you to the things you need to care for your pet. The suggested audience for this program is children from 4 to 9 years of age.

Program cost: $75

Domestic rabbits are the third most common animal that end up in our shelters, yet not very many people know about their care and history as pets. Come learn about these fluffy vegetarians and have a hopping good time! You will even get the chance to meet a live domestic rabbit!

Program cost: $75

Some animals slither on the ground while others soar through the clouds. Learn about the different ways animals get around and show your peers what it would be like if you were to act like an animal. This is a program for children ages 4-6.

Program cost: $75

Untamed Colors and Patterns! Wild animals use colors and patterns to communicate with each other and to hide from danger. Learn how animals use the color wheel to their advantage. This is a for children ages 4-6.

Program cost: $75

Can you imagine if one of our local wild animals was transplanted onto Mars? What would they need to survive? This program revolves around a discussion on what organisms need most to exist in their habitat! Space, Food, Water and Shelter are all key elements involved in making a habitat successful in supporting life. Come with us on a journey to outer space while learning about habitats!

Program cost: $75

We share planet Earth with thousands of different organisms. From microbes to raccoons, everything plays a role in keeping the world healthy. This program will show you how the animals in Pennsylvania are making the world a better place, as well as what we can do to make sure we protect it for future generations.

Program cost: $75

Without ways to communicate, the world would be a very confusing place! Communication in the animal world is complex and can be very important for survival in the wild. Join us as we talk about the different strategies that animals use to communicate with each other and with us. You might even be surprised by how similar human and animal communication can be! You will also get the chance to meet an Education Ambassador to see examples of animal communication in action.

Program cost: $75

Do you have a favorite animal? Do you have a favorite superhero? What about a favorite animal super hero? In this program you will learn about the special powers some wild animals have right here in Western PA. This program will introduce you to some amazingly fast feathered friends, a sharp eyed critter, and a small mammal with fantastic feeling abilities.

Program cost: $75

6.5 million companion animals enter shelters each year. Adopting a shelter animal is a rewarding and wonderful experience. However, the ideal conditions for having a pet can be more expensive and more of a time commitment than many realize. In this 60 minute course, find out what it takes to take care of a pet including cost, lifespan, and other important aspects to consider.

Program cost: $75

Do you know what makes a raptor different than a songbird? This class will examine the different species of birds of prey we see in Pennsylvania.

Program cost: $75

Do you ever wonder what animals are on the prowl outdoors when you are asleep? Do you know why your pets (like cats & hamsters) sometimes act differently at night? This program answers questions like these and others like it.

Program cost: $75

There is science all around us! Even in our backyards. Learn about how science helps animals adapt to their natural habitat. We will discuss the amazing adaptations of animals in our backyard, and learn about how that relates to animals all over the world!

Program cost: $75

Endangered species can be found in every habitat around the world. You may be surprised to learn how many animals are endangered in Pennsylvania. This class will discuss endangered and threatened species in our area from bald eagles to bats, including what each and every one can do to help these animals. This program lasts approximately 60 minutes and includes a visit with a live education ambassador.

Program cost: $75

Learn why most baby animals are born in the spring. Springtime is a busy time of year for our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, in this program you will learn about the many babies that we care for every spring.

Program cost: $75

Did you know some species of reptile can live to be over 100 years old? Or that a turtle’s spine is connected to its shell? It’s true! Pennsylvania is home to many of these species of scaled and shelled friends. This program teaches all about different reptiles, where they live, and what makes them so unique.

Program cost: $75

Have you ever seen a flock of geese in the winter and wondered why they fly in a V formation? Have you ever been curious about how a small monarch butterfly can travel over 3,000 miles in only 2 months? In Masters of Migration you will learn about these and many other animals who make incredible journeys to escape winter’s chill and meet an animal Education Ambassador that knows a thing or two about migration!

Program cost: $75

In collaboration with the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
Take a journey with us deep into the meadow! Meadows are large, grassy fields that often have a beautiful array of flowers and an abundance of life teeming in them. In this program you will learn all about the critters that inhabit Pennsylvania’s meadows, from the tiniest pollinators to the stealthiest hawks. These stunning landscapes are vital parts of Pennsylvania’s ecosystem and should be handled and explored with care. This program correlates with Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy’s Habitat Explorers program.

Program cost: $75

Have you ever wondered what it takes to rehabilitate and release sick, injured or orphaned native Pennsylvania Wildlife? Boasting the second largest wildlife hospital in PA, Humane Animal Rescue treats over 130 different species every year! This program will give you a behind the scenes look at all it takes for our Wildlife Rehabilitators to care for anything from an owl to an opossum!

Program cost: $75

Payment and Cancellation Policy

All programs are correlated to Pennsylvania Education Standards including Keystone STAR and NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards. A list of correlations can be provided with each program. Our Education Department is a STEAM Department, with a combined 20 years’ experience educating the public on topics of humane, wildlife, conservation, environmental and informal science education. It is composed of several Educators with advanced degrees in Wildlife and Environmental Science, Research and Education. All of our Educators are have their PA (Act 33/34) & FBI clearances and are certified badge councilors with Girl Scouts of Western PA and Boy Scouts of America. They strive to make learning about humane and wildlife topics fun and engaging, and genuinely enjoy teaching the people in their community. The Education Department hosts a variety of classes and programs on and offsite year round. From literature based programs, camps, teen clubs and tours to Assemblies for a large audience, the Education Department has programs for learners of all ages.

View our Payment and Cancellation Policy HERE.


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