Photo of Zora
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Domestic Shorthair
13 years 2 months
10.21 lbs
Location: In Foster
ID: PGH-A-48460

Hear what Zora's foster parents have to say about her! Zora is the sweetest, friendliest cat we've fostered yet. On paper, she may be an older kitty, but her personality is that of a young puppy. She exhibits dog-like behaviors such as tail wagging, seeking chest and belly rubs, obedience and fearlessness, which makes us suspect she may have been raised around dogs in a previous household. Her youthful energy is clear in her affectionate head butts and playfulness with her toys. Even as I write this she keeps interrupting me by gently putting her paw on my arm to request pets. Zora is perfect for anyone looking for a chill, loving cat companion to cuddle up beside them! If you're interested in Zora, give us a call!

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