Photo of Tuxedo Tom

Tuxedo Tom

Domestic Shorthair
13 years 2 months
12.06 lbs
Location: HAR North, Cat Adoption, Cage 05 North Campus
ID: PGH-A-102437

Introducing Tuxedo Tom, the suave and sophisticated senior cat who doesn't just walk; he struts. With a coat as sleek as midnight and eyes that gleam with wisdom, Tuxedo Tom embodies the spirit of an action movie star. Despite his age, he moves with a grace and agility that would put many young cats to shame. Picture him stealthily navigating the neighborhood rooftops, his every move calculated and precise. With a purr that can melt hearts and a gaze that commands respect, Tuxedo Tom is not just a cat; he's a legend in the making, proving that age is no barrier to being a true action hero. Watch out, world, because this cat is here to steal the show!

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