Photo of Sylvester
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Domestic Longhair
13 years 10 months
8.5 lbs
Location: In Foster Home
ID: PGH-A-47726

Sylvester is a very sweet and loving older gentleman who looks quite dapper in a bow tie. He loves his people and will spend his whole day by your side or on your lap. Sylvester is quite polite, and will chirp at you to ask permission before coming aboard. If you don't give it he will still sneak his way onto your lap. Well, he thinks he's sneaking but you might just notice as he climbs up while avoiding eye contact. Sylvester loves his food and is very thankful for his bounty when fed. Without fail, after he finishes eating he will come up to sit on you purring up a storm. He loves chin scritches and will melt into your hands when you hit both sides at once. Your heart will melt when he asks for pets by faceplanting into your arm and just staying there until you give in. Save your money when it comes to expensive cat toys, but if you drop a bottle cap watch out! Sylvester loves to chase them around. Sit him on a chair and toss them up to him and he plays a mean goalie too, and will bat them right back at you.

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