Photo of Stripes


Domestic Shorthair
7 years 2 months
10.08 lbs
Location: In Foster
ID: PGH-A-105630

Hello there? May I have a pet, kind human? May I please have one more? Stripes is perhaps the most polite, mannered cat in feline history. Once she comes out of her transitional state of anxiety, she is quickly ready to be by your side (especially if you have a quiet home). She is utterly defined by her gentle and absurdly adorable penchant to gaze up at you from the floor, come to your side, and place one soft paw on your leg to inquire for a head pet. Overcome, she will run around to your other side, gaze up at you, and place a soft paw on your other leg. This game can continue forever. Her genteel spirit indicates her overflowing love. She dives headfirst into love and enjoys snoozing (snoring with adorable volume!) following you room to room, and the occasional zoomies. If you're lucky you'll catch her sleeping paws straight out, ready to dive into the swimming pool called your heart. It's summertime-- time to swim!

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