Photo of Sassy
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Domestic Shorthair
13 years 10 months
6.5 lbs
Location: In Foster Home
ID: PGH-A-91669

Sassy (also known as Sassafras or Lena due to her hyena stripe) is the energetic grandma you hope to be. Athletic headband? Stylish sneakers? Power walk? Check, check, check. Although shy at first, Sassy is enduringly sweet, curious and a little bit of a meddler. Don't expect her to sit on the sidelines while you read, cook, or work on that newfangled laptop of your's-- especially if she's craving a delicious brothy snack or is having some nighttime zoomies. Of course, everything goes on hold if there's a nice patch of sunshine, perfect for afternoon naps. Or a warm the end of the day she'll smell your nose and curl up for a good nighttime snuggle.

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