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Mixed Breed (Medium)
2 years 7 months
57 lbs
Location: In Foster
ID: PGH-A-96119

Meet Rosie, the young, spirited pup who is always ready to charm! With her mastered commands-sit, stay, and come-Rosie is a delightful example of a well-mannered canine. She's brilliantly crate trained, making her as tidy as she is sweet. Although she has a particular suspicion of mail carriers, her barks are just her way of communicating. Rosie's affectionate nature shines through especially when treats are on the line. She adores meeting new people, greeting everyone with unbridled enthusiasm and a wagging tail. Rosie's zest for life and lovable quirks make her an unforgettable companion. Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh East End- 6926 Hamilton Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa 15208 Kennel License #: 1043

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