Photo of Myrtle


15 years 3 months
3.72 lbs
Location: HAR East, Adoptions Lobby,
ID: PGH-A-101993

Meet Myrtle the turtle, a charming Red-Eared Slider with a vivacious personality. Despite her small size, she possesses a big heart and an insatiable appetite for life. If you're seeking a reptilian companion to join your family, Myrtle might be the ideal addition. As a Red-Eared Slider, Myrtle boasts a diverse diet, encompassing aquatic plants, insects, and the occasional treat of aquatic pellets or fish. She has a discerning palate and savors mealtime. It is essential to provide her with a balanced diet and ensure a hygienic environment for her overall well-being.If you are considering adopting Myrtle, please ensure that you can provide the following: A suitable enclosure complete with clean water, a basking area, and appropriate lighting. Consistent maintenance and care, including feeding, water changes, and health assessments. A commitment to Myrtle's well-being for the duration of her potentially lengthy life, as Red-Eared Sliders can live for several decades. A loving and patient environment in which Myrtle can continue to explore and thrive. Myrtle eagerly anticipates embarking on a new journey with her future family, creating cherished memories and savoring the joys of aquatic life together.

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