Photo of Moe
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Domestic Shorthair
6 years 7 months
10.14 lbs
Location: HAR North, Cat Adoption, Cage 09 North Campus
ID: PGH-A-103285

Moe is a gentle and sweet-natured cat, known for his innate shyness. He has an enchanting quietness about him that draws people in, and he forms deep, lasting bonds with those he trusts. Though he may be reserved, his loyalty and love for his chosen humans know no bounds. Surprisingly, Moe has a unique quirk - he's not particularly fond of other cats, often preferring to bask in solitude or seek the company of his trusted human companions. He thrives on the tranquility of peaceful moments and enjoys the simple pleasures of life. If you're looking for the coolest cat on the block, come meet Moe!

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