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Domestic Shorthair
7 years 6 months
9.1 lbs
Location: In Foster Home
ID: PGH-A-88547

Meet Joyce! She is a heterochromatic (two eyes, two colors!!) beauty that will steal your heart and a cozy place on your couch while you read or watch TV. With a face that says "I hate Mondays" and a heart of gold this girl is a purrfect match for anyone. Miss Joyce loves snuggles and is a CLC (certified lap cat). She would love nothing more than to come home with you and cuddle with you all day long. She's a companion and loves to follow her foster mom from room to room. In addition to love and attention Joyce also loves string and cat nip. . Being the senior girl that she is, Joyce is not without medical issues. She has a lower urinary tract disease, as well as Stage 2 Kidney disease, both of which she is on medication and a prescription diet to manage. Joyce also has dental disease and Osteoarthritis, as well as what is called angular limb deformity, which basically means one of her limbs is a bit misshapen She also has some arthritis in her back legs that affects her ability to jump up on things (like the table) and means she hops up stairs adorably like a bunny. Joyce is mostly indifferent to other cats. Joyce's foster mom would be glad to have you meet her and answer any questions you might have about her care.

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