Photo of Callie
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Domestic Shorthair
5 years 5 months
9 lbs
Location: In Foster Home
ID: PGH-A-91600

Paws up in the air? Competitive cat calendar model? Fluffy marshmallow belly? Meet Chester Pumpkin, also known as Timba (like Simba). Majestic mermaid eyes? Keyboard cuddler? Loving maternal licks? Meet Callie, also known as Timba's mom. This mother-son duo are the pair you've been looking for. While Timba might never be ready to leave the house, Callie is content caring for her teenaged son, who embraces both curiosity and laziness. These two will make you laugh at their antics and invite you to play. With Timba's confidence and adventurous spirit, they are best being the only furry friends in your home. After hearing Timba's piggy snort and seeing Callie's beautiful gaze, you won't regret bringing these two home.

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