Photo of Barry White
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Barry White

Domestic Shorthair
6 years 2 months
10 lbs
Location: In Foster Home
ID: PGH-A-92871

Hello , My name is Barry White. My foster says that I am a perfect gentleman. I respect the other cats in the house . I don't growl or hiss at them but I do play with the ones that play with me. I love food and will eat any kind of food. I am usually quiet but occasionally meow so that I can get some pets. I love being pet , specially my cheeks and head. I love butt scratches too. I cuddle with my foster mom at night for some nice pets and often sleep on the bed. I have been told that I am a model patient. I know that it's for my own good so even though it's scary I let the nice doctors and nurses touch me without complains so they can make sure that I am okay. I also allow my nails to be trimmed without complain cause I am a good boy. Loud noises scare me and I am a bit skittish around strangers but the best way to show me you are safe is to give me treats. Oh and did I mention that I have dichromatic eyes ? I am told that it's a unique trait where one eye is light yellow and one is light blue. If you would like to be my forever home then please come visit me.

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